1. Original & copy of National Identity Card (CNIC) front and back page or NICOP if you live in aboard.

2. Original & copy of passport all used/stamped/previous visa pages.

3. Present clear photograph, without cap or glasses and must be blue background, size 3 x 4 (6 sheets)

4. Bank Account statement, newly opened bank account is also acceptable. So, in case you haven’t had bank accounts yet, just open a new Bank Account in any bank and deposit money ( estimate minimum Rs 300.000 – 400.000/ $ 3000-4000 )

5. An affidavit ( draft of this affidavit , you can ask your personal lawyer to make it completely if visa is applied from Pakistan )

6. Copy of national tax number ( tax certificate or copy of NTN Card if you have ).

7. Reference letter from your employer/office addressing visa officer, maintaining your job, duration of service and detail of visit purpose, NOC or NICOP

8. Police Character Certificate from nearest Police station or Police Department (this is optional, sometimes no need )

Scan those documents and send them to the sponsor via email.


1. ID card of Indonesian 

2. Kartu Keluarga ( Family Card )

3. Letter from RT, RW, KELURAHAN ( those are name of Hierarchy of government in village)

4. pasport copy with exit and out stamp inside if you have been from aboard ( optional, not too important document )

5. You should have sufficient financial position proof such as Bank Account statement, that shows bank balance /money / saldo which 30 Million ( Indonesian Rupiah ) or $.3000 – 4000 in your bank account. At the time, you will provide your Bank Account Statement to Immigration office Jakarta, Indonesia.

6. A letter from your work / office that you are working in this office, mention your job designation, salary, vice versa

7. Make a Sponsorship letter that you invite and willing to be a sponsor who agree to take all responsibility during the pakistani is in Indonesia. You can get the form of letter from Immigration officer, sign it with stamp (in bahasa indonesia : materai).

All documents of sponsorship must be sent to the pakistani invited (send it original copy documents), could be sent via email by scanning files. So, both of invited and sponsor have the same documents (make documents for both sides same).


1. Go to Indonesia Embassy in Pakistan or the country you stay to submit them, enclose with copy of Airline Ticket (Confirm Reservation required)

2. You will receive a receipt. Ask its reference number ( also called case file number), must be asked if you haven’t gotten yet. This case file number Embassy will issue may be after 2-3 days.

3. Scan & send to the sponsor by email or sms to tell the number of case file.

4. waiting, during the sponsor continuing process in Indonesia.

1. Bring all documents to Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affair and then to Director of General Immigration office Jakarta.

Whole visa process will complete in Immigration office Jakarta within 21-28 working days ( estimate a month)

2. They will call you (could be till 3 times) for Interview of CH (CLEARANCE HOUSE) in Director of General Immigration Office Jakarta ( the main office of immigration ).

Each meeting is approx. 20 – 30 minute in every CH meeting, you will get interview from a group of all these departments :

01. Officer of Director of General Immigration Indonesia ( Dirjen Imigrasi)

02. Officer of Indonesia National Intelligence Agency ( BIN—-Badan Intelijen Nasional )

03. Officer of Indonesia Police department ( Polisi Polda Metro Jaya )

04. Officer of Indonesia ministry of foreign affair ( Deplu—Departemen Luar Negeri)

05. Officer of Indonesia ministry of interior ( Depdagri—Departemen Dalam Negeri)

06. Officer of Indonesia Strategic Military Intelligence Agency ( BAIS —Badan Intelijen Strategis ) .

07. Officer of Indonesia the National Anti-Drug Agency ( BAN—Badan Anti Narkoba Nasional )

08. Officer of Indonesia Department of Human Rights ( Departemen Hak dan Asasi Manusia)

 If in all 3 interviews they get satisfied with all your reply, the Immigration Department of Indonesia will grant the visa application of that Pakistani that’s called calling visa ( Telex ) and directly send it to Indonesian Embassy via Immigration office official email. The sponsor also must send it to the Pakistani invited.

WHAT’S THE NEXT PROCCESS ?  The Pakistani brings this telex to Indonesia Embassy and pays visa fee USD.58 or Rs 5800. Within few days Indonesia visa stamp is issued in the passport. It means you are allowed to enter Indonesia and stay as long the visa valid.


• Granting the visa is depend on physical verification and fulfillment of the required documents which you submit.

• If Indonesia Immigration Office rejected your visa application you can’t apply again for 6-12 months through any Indonesia Embassy in the worldwide.

• Based on some experiences whom have applied it, visa will be rejected if you (visitor) and your couple (as sponsor) never meet up before or know each others by social network only.